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When I Was 7…

Recently, I was reminded of an incident that occurred when I was a young boy, living in Queens, NY. What follows is a detailed account of something that I’ve tried to forget. Years of burying it deep within my psyche have failed. I am left to believe that the only true way to free myself… Continue reading When I Was 7…

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IT At The End Of The World (part 2]

The sun was setting when I awoke. I tried to move, but stabbing pains all over my body prevented it. The air smelled absolutely wonderful. It was like puffing on every strain of weed I’d ever smoked all at once. I was as high as I’ve ever been, which served to dull the pain of… Continue reading IT At The End Of The World (part 2]

Fiction, Horror, Short Story

IT At The End Of The World (part 1)

No one knew how or where it began. The last news cast I’d seen had been about a year ago. South America, Africa, Australia, all overrun with hideous creatures. There were reports of these horrors making their way through the U.S., but these were unconfirmed. I paid it little mind. The news had just been… Continue reading IT At The End Of The World (part 1)

Fiction, Horror, Scary, Short Story

Trapped House

     “Are you sure we’re good? Like, the cops aren’t gonna show up because we’re here, right?” Bush always got the last-minute jitters. It drove Kev and Shawn crazy. Kev was never happy to hear that Bush was tagging along on any job they pulled, but since the scared little shit was Shawn’s cousin, he… Continue reading Trapped House

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Keep An Eye Out For Strays

Ian found his new home. The house was everything he’d been looking for; spacious, beautifully designed, with a garage and lawn care. He never dreamed that his offer would be accepted. There had to be more qualified people jumping at the chance to make the place theirs, but somehow, he got it. A gorgeous townhouse,… Continue reading Keep An Eye Out For Strays